The Shipping News: UPS Sales Are on Fire!

UPS Truck

Before the holidays we noted that shipping orders were way, way up at FedEx over the previous year. Well, now it is the purple package-movers' rivals' turn to crow.

UPS announced today that its 2009 fourth-quarter profits were $757 million—or, about triple what they were for 2008! According to this report, both companies are considered "economic bellwethers." If that's true, we could be looking at a sweet spring, after all.

Will it be enough for UPS to hire back some of the 1, 800 jobs (which, incredibly, is less than 1% of its total employees) it is cutting from its global staff? Too soon to tell. But the new numbers sure won't hurt. Unless you are counting the backs of the folks hoisting all those many packages. Use your legs!

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  • Louis Abate

    I'm constantly shocked at how much it costs to ship items with UPS/FedEX, the other day I shipped an ebay item to Georgia from Boston UPS ground, item weighed 1.7 lbs and was a small-medium corrugated cardboard box, cost 12.50! I would have thought more along the lines of 6-7 dollars. I guess it is all relative with the fuel costs, vehicle costs, etc. Good for UPS though. I am actually now partial to them solely for the reason that they will bring my packages to my door almost every day instead of leaving them at our apartment's leasing office (like FedEX and USPS do, lazy.)!