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Wiimote-Made Interactive History of Electronic Music Maps Differences Between Bleep Techno and Booty House

Tantalizing video of a great experiment in data visualization.

Even if you're a fan of electronic music, it's millions of sub-genres can be almost impossible to keep straight (Italodisco?)—which of course seriously undersells the immense talent and history of the genre. Which is why Sync/Lost is awesome.


The project was built by 3Bits—a Spanish Brazilian firm specializing in interface design—using Processing, the ubiquitous data-viz programming language invented by infographics legends Ben Fry an Casey Reas. It's basically just a map with embedded audio tracks, which users navigate using a Wiimote:

(Technical details and diagrams here.)

A shame this isn't online—presumably, that's just because of the legal problems of uploading all these samples. But maybe that might be legal? Any experts on fair use out there?

[Via NotCot]

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  • Gregory Ferenstein

    @Ariel, thanks for the correction. Anyone think Wii remotes will hit the professional music scene, like ipods have hit the DJ market?


  • Filipe Frota

    Interesting! I think they extracted the maping concept of electronic music from the Ishkur Guide of Electronic Music... the site has been online for over a decade. For those into electronic music it worths a visit.
    There are a lot of projects using the wii controls as music instruments, to control music production software.