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What Haiti Really Looks Like Now, in 360-Degrees

A brilliant bit of interactive work from CNN, showing a ride through Port-au-Prince.

You've probably seen dozens of pictures and videos of Haiti, but this one gives you more of a feel for the city than any we've seen—because it's a 360-degree video. CNN produced three of them, shot between Sunday and Monday this week:

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  • Cameron Christiansen

    Tragic what has happened...and this 360 video is a remarkable medium for visualizing it. Hopefully it prompts more people to donate.

    Really cool technology, I've never seen that before. I hope to see more of these types of videos.

  • Martin Goodman

    It is so hard to imagine this happening. We must act but we also must act to help those who are homeless and hungry here in our own country as well. The people of Haiti, however have less than nothing right now. casino online