Is Your Morning Cereal Damaging Your Liver?

Corn Kernels

We tried to give Monsanto the benefit of the doubt when the company announced that it wanted to produce soybeans with extra helpings of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid-boosting oils. But new research from a study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences indicates that any good from extra omega-3s will be minimal compared to the potential heart, kidney, and liver damage caused by Monsanto crops.

The study, conducted by French researchers, showed that consumption of Monsanto maize damaged lab rats' organs after just 90 days. The problem isn't the maize itself—it's the pesticide residue on top of it. That doesn't bode well for humans, but more studies need to be performed before anyone can say for sure that Monsanto-branded corn is killing us. The researchers freely admit that their study can't be applied to all GMO crops. And in the future, they recommend that a long-term animal feeding study be conducted in at least three species. But we just can't shake this sentence from our minds: "Our analysis highlights that the kidneys and liver as particularly important on which to focus such research as there was a clear negative impact on the function of these organs in rats consuming GM maize varieties for just 90 days."

Is this the beginning of the end of Monsanto's hold over agriculture? Probably not, at least until further studies confirm the findings in humans. If nothing else, it could give a much-needed boost to local organic farms that sell their wares for higher prices but can promise crops that won't kill your liver.

[Via GOOD]

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