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We all know that the past ten years were largely about the digital revolution but what exactly does that look like? (The short answer: massive innovation.) According to the Census Bureau's recent Statistical Abstract of the United States, an estimated 110 billion text messages were sent on cell phones in December 2008, more than double the 48 billion in the previous December. Meanwhile, total retail sales online soared from $24 billion when the decade began to $128 billion in 2007. And those might not even be the most astonishing stats. To wit: check out some of these other numbers above that, when crunched even slightly, reveal how we are becoming, to borrow from Obi-Wan, more machine than man now. In a good way!

Infographic: Rob Vargas

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  • Aaron Cole

    Can't wait! The sooner I can shed this imperfect biological facade and upgrade to "my" idea of perfection the better.

  • B Novida

    DIGITALIZATION is the wrong word guys. It's DIGITIZATION. DIGITALIZATION is a medical term meaning the administration of digitalis until the desired physiological adjustment is attained. DIGITIZATION on the other hand is the process of converting information into a digital format.