Teacher, Where Do E-books Come From?

Evolution of BooksThe new syllabus over at BestCollegesOnline is pretty straightforward. Students might need a refresher on the heritage of their increasingly ubiquitous Kindles. So the college guide site has posted a lineage chart, showing how primitive Clay Sumerian Tablets (3500 BC) and Egyptian Papyrus scrolls (2400 BC) evolved into wax tablet codex (200 BC), Gutenberg's printing press (1440), and more modern dalliances like the Japanese cell-phone text novel ;).

Novel concept (heh, you knew that was coming), but let's remember Economics 101: bound paper will remain at least partly en vogue until you don't need a student loan to afford the next generation of pricey textbook e-readers.


[Via WeLoveDataVis]

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  • Steinar Knutsen

    Kindle is another great reasons folks with active blogs should consider packaging their content into an e-book. If your content isn't available on these new devices it just doesn't exist to a large population of potential readers. The same is true for audio and video, yet so many authors fail to ever leverage these formats. Interesting so many would ignore free distribution and marketing opportunities like this.

    Steinar Knutsen