Global Warming for Deniers


Still confused why global warming warners stick to their guns even when it only seems to be getting colder in your own backyard? Chaos theory dictates that we're all likely to get cold for awhile before this lovely space rock burns up. But disbelieving ethnocentrists should click over to The Climate Wizard. It doesn't get simpler than this.

The Climate Wizard is an interactive map just launched by the Nature Conservancy in tandem with University of Washington and University of Southern Mississippi. They've combined terabytes of data on climate and emissions patterns to show how temperatures have been steadily creeping up over the last 50 years here in the good ol' U.S. of A. (You can check out other regions for comparison, too.)

It is also a sort of choose-your-own-enlightenment prediction model for what happens if we keep ignoring that inconvenient truth. There are 30 different End Times models built off of different circulation and emissions scenarios stretching out to both 2050 and 2080. Each scenario has a "factoids" button that spells out when each species, like black-tailed prairie dogs in scorching New Mexico, will get singed. Sorry, deniers, there's no outcome where our currently chilly country doesn't end up looking mighty red. Maybe that's your thing, though.

[Via VizWorld]

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  • Jonathan Schultz

    Maybe because we don't fall in line like every idiot out there, who "thinks" they know. We can't predict the weather next week and you're gonna tell me to believe this chart? Get serious. The truth is they don't know. They want us to believe this crap for the simple reason. Power. Power to chose whatever they want for us, as long as we aren't making the decision for ourselves, I mean god forbid we know what's good for us! Open your eyes ass clown.

  • Aly-Khan Satchu

    I will drill further but the Weather volatility and High Low Weather Spread is self evidently off the charts. My theory is that the best insurance Policy is to get long a Basket of Softs with a Bias towards the Breakfast Commodities [Tea Coffee Orange juice Sugar et al because they have already inflected] and the Tape is your Telescope [Lefevre Reminiscences of a Stock market Operator]. We get into all kinds of Arguments but you have to be an Imbecile not to notice That the Weather and Agri Output is all about tipping points and I think we have tripped over it.

    Aly-khan Satchu
    Twitter alykhansatchu