Steve 'Woz' Wozniak on the Future of Computing: It's Human

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When Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak drops by the office for a visit, it's guaranteed to generate at least one video-worthy moment, like the one below. He was visiting to pitch Fusion-io, a company that's engineered a solid-state storage solution that could radically alter the server farm landscape. (We're currently testing a Fusion-io product, but it's been slow going since, oddly, the hardware isn't compatible with Mac.)

Woz doesn't lend his name to very many companies, and the ones he does invest in tend to be a window onto the future. The clip below will give you a glimpse of where Woz believes computing is headed—and how much evolution is still needed in the computer industry.

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  • Kushal Mehta

    Good thinking Chris......I completely second you that computers can be smart only when they can solve their own problems!!

    Its so true we need to focus on making people smarter!!


  • Chris Reich

    Computers are so smart they can actually figure out how to prevent the flea market ads like the ones posted here and on every other FC article from getting through. Bik ini?

    Computers are far from smart. That's like saying an encyclopedia is smart. The more computers store, the smarter we say they are.

    Well, I will believe computers are smart when they can solve their own problems. "Windows has encountered an error and needs to shutdown". "Error, a driver may be missing or a file corrupted" The damn thing can't discern what's wrong with its own processes and we expect it to be smart?

    My coffee machine makes coffee when I add the ingredients. It does not know how, it just does it. I think we need to focus on making our people smarter.

    Chris Reich