NYU Offers a Crash Course in Sustainability for Business Executives

Green Office

Want to make sure you're the best candidate for that high-level executive job? You might want to bone up on your sustainability skills with a little help from the NYU Polytechnic Institute's CleantechExecs program, a 10-session course that teaches budding executives how to navigate New York City's business landscape with a light carbon footprint.

Renewable energy engineering and installation programs aren't new, but the CleantechExecs program is the first to focus on so-called knowledge intensive sectors, including investment banking, insurance, financial services, and real estate. So instead of learning how to attach a solar panel to the roof, students will learn how to fund cleantech ventures, invest in local green building projects, and learn about national and local green regulations.

Competition for the program will probably be intense—NYU is offering the first 20 to 25 student cohort of the program a free ride thanks to a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). But as companies around the world seek to become more sustainable for both economic and publicity-related reasons, we imagine that businesspeople who pass through the CleantechExecs program will have a leg up in their job applications. How long could it be before more universities start offering similar programs?

[Via Scientific American]

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