Infographic of the Day: What Food Is in Season Now?

A handy guide, for insuring your food isn't traveling half way across the world, to get to your table.

Local food is the rage, among savvy eaters who also want to slim down on their carbon consumption. The idea is that locally produced food cuts down on all the distance the food travels and the carbon emitted in the process. But that leaves a curious problem: Walk into most grocery stores, and you'd be hard pressed to tell what's local, because everything looks fresh and in season.

You can solve that by simply knowing what's in season, when. Along those lines, GOOD, working with design studio Always with Honor, has produced this great infographic depicting seasonal veggies in six regions across the U.S. (Click on the link to see a bigger image, and try not to get hung up on the fact that, whoops, they mistakenly labeled Wyoming as Colorado—they're both rectangles, for Chrissakes.)


A detail:


If seasonality sounds like a trivially small concern, then you might also consider this recent GOOD infographic, which shows the difference in how far a local versus imported fruit might travel. Ignore the pretty pictures up top—the real data is below, in that tiny little bar chart:


[Via GOOD]

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