Five Components to Great Workplaces

Do your employees love to come to work everyday or do they dread getting out of bed, knowing they have to work at a place they hate? Do you want your employees to love to do their best work and provide outstanding customer service?

There are five key components to creating the workplace where people love to do their best work and customers love to buy. These components are the five Is.

1- Inclusion

2- Implementation

3- Individual convenience perks

4- Immersion

5- Integration


If your workplace culture is inclusive, it means that employees are engaged and everyone has an opportunity to succeed. People at all levels can have a career path strategy if they want.

Inclusion also means that employees can bring their whole selves to work. If they have to leave part of who they are at home, then part of their focus and creativity will be left at home. They’ll be spending time and energy trying to hide part of themselves, when they could be spending that time and energy working on their success and helping your organization be more successful.

I recently spoke with Tom Johnson who is the CAO of Clorox about his twenty five years of working with the same company. I have to confess, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere for that length of time. He told me that he had held several different positions, and worked in several different locations, including London, over those twenty-five years.


I had to ask him what kept him there other than the fact that he liked what he did. He said that as a gay man, he felt included as a whole person. "I’ve been with my partner for over twenty-five years. When I came out at Clorox, they made it easy for me to bring my whole self to work. Leadership has set the tone that people are our Number One Strategy. I’ve been able to integrate my personal and professional life. I also feel like my talents are recognized and I’m able to contribute to our success."


He told me that Clorox was actively involved in branding strategies that engaged multiple cultures. Employee resource groups that represent diverse employee segments were viewed as value added business resources.


Are you allowing your employees to be present, focused and productive or are you acting as an obstacle to their creativity? Do you shut them down when they present new ideas, or do you welcome their different perspectives?

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