Obama and Innovation – What You Said

The old saying goes "Better late than never." So while the Innovating To Win poll on governmental economic intervention and innovation closed two months, the results of the poll are at the bottom of this posting. The question put to you was "As economic signs turn upwards, what will be the effect on the climate for innovation of continued long-term or deepening government intervention?" According to your responses, very few of us believe that interventionist policies are going to positively influence the climate for innovation. In fact, over 77% of you felt that the impact of continuing government intervention would have either no or a negative impact on innovation. This is a very important issue to consider in your organizations innovation strategy for 2010. As we sit here today, the experts are split on whether we are starting to pull out the recession or we are going to see the second half of a W shaped recession in the coming year. Given the current political climate still seems to favor quick action and intervention, what should your innovation strategy be? What if a struggling competitor gets a shot in the arm? (Think Ford vs. GM.) What if a government program intended to help you industry actually creates some challenges? (Think Cash for Clunkers.) What if a government program threatens to reach into your business operationally? (Think TARP.) The list of question you can and should ask is very long. Certainly, 2009 has been a year of challenge and opportunity. By all measures, it looks like 2010 will also bring big challenges, but also big opportunity to those who prepare. Are you prepared? Along this vein, we have a new innovation poll starting today on Innovating To Win. This pool asks what you see as the innovation activity trend for 2010 in your company. Take a moment to respond, and let your voice be heard.


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