Friday Fun: The Chicest Gear for Post-Apocalypse Savages

How does a self-respecting fashionista go about catching a pigeon or fishing from a pier?


It's 2030. Copenhagen has failed. Manhattan is a wading pool; Kansas has a beach. Our food supplies have crashed. And yet design snobs still exist. (Including, hopefully, yours truly.) What are they supposed to do, eat rats with their bare hands? Of course not. They catch rats, using the most stylish rat traps you've ever seen (above).

The pieces were conceived by 5.5 designers, as part of a "guide to free farming" that was just presented at the ICSID world design congress in Singapore. The whole idea is that we're surrounded by food sources. Sure, they're disgusting, but hey—it's 2030, and a guy's gotta eat. (That poncho printed with bricks? It's a camo suit for catching pigeons.)

The book is accompanied by some useful recipes, such street flower with grilled rat, and helpful tips on plucking a pigeon. (Which are good eats, BTW.)

For pics of these tools at work, check out DesignBoom.


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