Eco-Friendly Fire: Militaries Try Saving the Planet While Killing the Enemy

green soldiers

Call it the Al Gore Effect or just an inconceivable truth, but the Pentagon, among other members of the Military Industrial Complex, actually are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, they are so concerned for the future of Planet Earth they want to go about their business—the business of killing—in a far more eco-friendly way.

The Pentagon is reportedly sinking millions of dollars into green weapons such as lead-free bullets that will not poison water supplies or soil, whether it's on an actual battlefield or a shooting range on a military base. A Pentagon spokesman told the U.K. site The First Post that the objective was to create a bullet "that can kill you or that you can shoot a target with ... which is not an environmental hazard."

Another example of the Pentagon's new Green consciousness is the recent announcement by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus of a Great Green Fleet (nuclear- or biofuel-powered ships) and the so-called "Green Hornet," the new biofuel-powered F/A-18 jet fighter that will supposedly be flyable in three years. According to Mabus, each F/A-18 can save an estimated 127,000 barrels of fuel a year. (We previously reported on plans to fuel jets with algae, weeds, and animal fat.)

Some of the U.S. Armed Forces' other green maneuvers are a bit more conventional, such as switching its gas-guzzling fleet of 50,000 commercial cars and trucks to electric and hybrids by 2015. Whether these new programs are actual progress inspired by the Obama Administration's environmentally responsible policies—any carbon reduction is good, isn't it?—or simply the latest and, perhaps, most outrageous example of greenwashing, is a matter of opinion.

But consider this inconvenient truth: The military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned of back in January 1961 is here to stay, just like death, taxes, and the atomic bomb. So as long as the nation has Navy destroyers combing the seas and jet fighters flying over Iraq, Afghanistan, and military bases worldwide, wouldn't it be better if these weapons of destruction were green weapons of destruction?

[Via The First Post]

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  • Mel Blitzer

    How thoughtful of the here-to-stay military/industrial complex!

    We can now sleep and rest assured that the trillions of green dollars being spent with no visible ROI in security or resources are truly GREEN. For those on the receiving end of these green weapons- some of the enemy, some friendly or collateral casualties, it will be somewhat comforting for them to die knowing that an eco-friendly environment is being created for future generations who will not be there to enjoy it.

    Mel Blitzer

  • Michael Brown

    "...lead-free bullets that will not poison water supplies or soil..."??

    Are you kidding me? And this at the behest of the same people that want to plug the butts of all the cows on the planet to keep them from passing their naturally occuring "ozone depleating" gas.