Commuter-Friendly Office on Wheels Puts Bus in Business

Austrian designers cut the Gordian knot, in a solution to traffic nightmares.

office Bus

In cities across the world, traffic is getting out of control; some people now routinely spend upwards of two hours of every day, just in transit. What's to be done?

office Bus

Leave it to the hyper-rational Austrians to skip all the noise about futuristic traffic solutions or road trains—instead, one group of students has offered up a rolling office, located on a bus.

They point out that almost all efforts to curb congestion have failed; even in the beautifully planned city of Vienna, average commutes are 48 minutes and 56% of commuters ride in cars, alone.

The key innovation in their bus concept lies in the seats, which can be configured as a kind of upright cubicle, or can be turned to face each other, to create an ad-hoc conference room.

Please, let's all pray it doesn't come to this.

[Via Core 77]

office Bus

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  • Charles Yarbrough

    I have worked from Home for about 8 years and the grass is truly always greener now matter how good you have it.

  • Ezra Christensen


    There are already tools to help with home office distraction. Some online IT outsource job sites include screen recording software that takes screen images every so often so that the client can review what the hired hand is doing. For those who can't get their work done, they get an eSitter to make sure they are working.

  • Corvida Raven

    lol Cliff I hope it doesn't either, but the concept sounds kind of cool. Would be a neat way to network, interact with work peers and get together for brainstorming session.

  • Tim Johnson

    Yeah, I agree with Margaret. There's something about wearing pants that adds a touch of professionalism to a video conference.

    Tim Johnson, President
    Coactive Brand Lab
    Brand Designer, Marketing and Communications Expert

  • Margaret Cekis

    If you hold meetings with video, the other participants would probably prefer that pants be worn.

  • John-Scott Dixon

    The key isn't finding other ways to transport your team to an office, it is to recognize that the office is outmoded! There are two reasons I here most often for commuting to an office: 1. I would find myself to distracted working from home, 2. face-to-face is essential.

    I can't help you with the first - but my guess is that those are the same people that walk around talking to everybody and taking massive breaks. One cure is to get an Internet-based time clock and see how much time you actually spend working (it's way lower than you think). Maybe that will motivate you to sit at your desk and do something powerful.

    For the second, whether you use G-chat or Skype or OoVoo or whatever, Face-to-Face is far more powerful via video stream than in actual person. For one, all parties have access to a computer to share, read, research in real-time (without feeling rude). Second, meetings tend to start on time with less small talk. And third, they generally smell better with less chance of catching a cold from someone else!

    Not to mention the positive environmental and personal financial impact of 1. not driving and 2. not having to wear dry cleaned pants (or pants at all for that matter)!

    My 2 cents...

  • Doug Collins

    I envision an "open source" bus that makes regular stops in the community, accepting both employees and a random selection of riders. The level of innovation would skyrocket. The nature of ideas would vary by neighborhood and time of day.