Getting High on Pot Profits, Man

Pot InfographicThe legalize marijuana movement sometimes seems to have a hard time, um, like what was I saying? Oh yeah, explaining their arguments for decriminalization, man. But don't forget that there have been some fairly significant victories over the past month. Last week, a juvenile justice commission in Colorado recommended reducing the penalty for holding four ounces or less—still probably enough to get an entire classroom baked—to a petty offense. Meanwhile, a special senate panel in Rhode Island met to discuss decriminalizing the drug entirely. And Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle recently announced his support of the cheese-state becoming the 14th in the union to allow medical stashes. (Does that make anyone else hungry?)

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough for the Free-Doobie Front, though, is that someone took the time to compile this cost-benefit chart for everything from arrest reduction statistics to the whopping $778 million that would be generated in weed tax revenue. Who needs to make a point with words these days? Just relax and check out the pretty pictures.

Full graphic at Urban Cartography.

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  • Ben Paynter

    Thanks for the correction Chris Zach. I just changed this story to reflect that.

  • Chris Reich

    I think the writer might have been experimenting with the product. First, his math is wrong as stated by Mr. Zach. $778 Million is a lot less than 3/4 Trillion Dollars as $778 Billion would be.

    That said, I would also like to see the savings numbers. We waste an absurd amount of money on this war on drugs. Consider too the vast lands used by marijuana producers---park lands that are too dangerous to enter because they are guarded by Mexican Nationals toting AK-47s. In northern California, this is a common problem. And no, they aren't Irish or French Nationals so get over it.

    As with alcohol, it's far better to regulate the post-consumption behavior than the consumption itself. That is, stiff penalties for public intoxication and operating a vehicle. But I think it's absolutely ridiculous to put legal restrictions on a plant. ANY plant.

    Chris Reich

  • Corvida Raven

    Probably not Ronan, but people aren't error free with or without the drugs. Money will be lost regardless.

  • Ronan Staff

    interesting, but did they calculate the productivity loses caused by the drug? Directly due to days lost and general errors made while high on drugs, and also the motivation factor affecting production.?

  • Chris Zach

    Hm... what were you smoking when you wrote this article? I think you might want to check your units. Billions != Millions.