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Hunch Confirms that Liberals Enjoy Vegetables, Conservatives Like Fried Chicken


Images of liberals as vegetarian, multi-grain-bread-loving hippies and conservatives as fried-chicken-idolizing McDonald's lovers are more than just stereotypes—they're based on real trends, according to Hunch's new "How Food Preferences Vary by Ideology" report.

The decision-making site, masterminded by Flickr's Caterina Fake, gathered information for the report from two sets of data: the 25 million "Teach Hunch About You" questions that have been answered to date (i.e. "Do you like snowcones?" or "Are you superstitious?") and correlations between Hunch's questions about political ideology and food preference.


Hunch's results range from the unsurprising to the just plain weird (conservatives prefer iceberg lettuce while liberals favor arugula). But in a nutshell, the report can be summarized as follows: Conservatives like meat, comfort foods, cheeseburgers, deep dish pizza, and wooden, country-style kitchens. Liberals are vegetarian brie-lovers who enjoy wine, international food, and sleek, stainless steel-style kitchens.

The world may never know why liberals like Samoa Girl Scout cookies more than conservatives, but many of these trends can be explained by regional differences. For example, liberals heavily populate the coasts, where international food is extremely popular. And fried chicken is beloved by the more conservative South.

Of course, some things cross political lines. Liberals and conservatives are split on whether cilantro is gross, and few non-vegetarian respondents could turn down a good hot dog.


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  • Dan Hutson

    Guess that really does confirm my moderate status (although my food preferences suggest I'm more conservative-leaning than I really am). Any conservative causes tempted to target me due to my comfort food eating habits should probably think twice. Maybe next time Hunch could focus on something a little more useful.

  • Greg Steggerda

    BTW, thank you for once again confirming my moderate status. As a wine-and-cheese loving, fried-food-avoiding carnivore (grilled prefereably) who has a vegetable garden but can't pass up a Chicago-style pizza I guess I either don't fit in anywhere, or I fit where the majority of Americans would.

  • Greg Steggerda

    I wonder if "preference" is the right word. Not everyone who eats vegetables actually likes them more than fried food, they just recognize that vegetables fit in better with the goals they have for their lives. Maybe Hunch has stumbled on a more significant set of differences: consciousness of image (brie and stainless steel are way more hip), levels of self-discipline (if I can't say no to a cheeseburger, how am I ever going to give up fossil fuels?). This is mostly tongue-in-cheek, but I do think once we get out of our 20s food choices start to have less to do with what we actually like to eat.