iPhone-Loving Verizon Drops Another Lump of Coal Into AT&T's Stocking

Island of Misfit Toys

As the rumors about Verizon getting the iPhone continue to swirl around Cellville, here's another little nugget of conjecture for us all to bask in.

Behold the latest holiday ad for Verizon. The creatives have taken us to the Island of Misfit Toys, a place with nothing but grubby dolls, wonky cowboys and, for want of a better word, crap. And look! What's that joining the acrylic elephant with the measles? Why, it's the iPhone. All the little second-rate toys can't believe their little button eyes. iPhone is too good to be on Toy Leprosy Island, what the hell is it doing here? Then the poor little iPhone displays its network for all the sad little toys to see. AT&T. Suddenly they understand. He's as dysfunctional as they are, so he'll fit in nicely.

Verizon is playing its own version of Good Cop, Bad Cop with AT&T and Apple. Nice Po-lice is almost feeling the iPhone's pain, while its naughty counterpart is administering such a beating to its (currently) sole carrier that one can't help feeling sorry for AT&T. Only a bit, though.

There are three commercials in Verizon's holiday campaign, but one can't help wondering that if the carrier continues to put the boot in, its campaign will backfire. After all, no one likes a smug bastard, do they?

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  • Susan Leys

    Seems like a lot of money to compete with Apple - I would think that with all of the money and contracts Verizon has they should be able to invest a little more in design and creating their 'own' phone. Is it possible for the Verizon brand to be innovative and sleek in their design or are they just a company that sells cell phones? I confess, I'm a Verizon person and have been for quite awhile but I'm considering defecting to an iPhone because I'm an Apple fan and I love the design, I love what it can do (yes, I know it drops) and I have not yet ruled out a blackberry (I have an LG Dare). But with all that FC has discussed about the importance of design, I can't understand why Verizon doesn't get this?
    A friend of mine has an iPhone - has gone back to AT&T several times experiencing poor customer service. Went to the Apple store and spoke to the Genius who completely set her up with a new phone, additional information regarding ap's and ways to make her phone work smarter based on the work she does and the companies she is involved with. I love that Apple does this; not only great design but service excellence to boot! Is this asking too much for AT&T or Verizon?

    The only thing that would be funnier (okay more fun) then going to the land of the misfit toys would be if Apple spoofed The Polar Express and had all of their computers, software and hardware somehow implemented into the "Let's take the pneumatic!" phrase that the elves say to show that their products are alot better than others.

  • Edward Kuryluk

    I think all these Verizon commercials are thinly veiled attempts to let the public know the iPhone is coming to their network. The handsets are an afterthought in Verizon's commercials. Apple with all it's secrecy about future products, most likely has Verizon gagged on the phone itself until launch. So Verizon starts branding it's biggest strength over AT&T now.

  • David Mullings

    I could care less about smug. I care about truth and Verizon is right, just like the Mac ads are always right.

    The truth hurts (I have a Mac and I have AT&T)

  • Greg Steggerda

    Agree with Tim, nobody does smug like Apple. I think a lot of folks are probably in there with me, hoping Mac dude shows up in one of the Verizon ads to take his beating.

  • Tim Jones

    yeah, that bastard hipster in those PC vs Mac commercials sure is smug. hahaha, but the smartphone pretender, i-am-a-overhyped-feature-Phone does belong in Toy Leprosy Island.