Alesia Shute and Everything’s Okay: Another Story Inspiring Change

As some of you know, our client, Alesia Shute, was diagnosed with cancer when she was seven years old. At a time when most kids are learning to ride bikes, Alesia was overcoming obstacles that knock adults to their knees. As a child, she survived six major surgeries and several minor ones and endured years of pain and uncertainty. But Alesia didn’t want to tell a story that focused on the pain and struggles of her journey; she wanted to tell a story about overcoming, a story that would inspire other patients and survivors to live openly and joyfully.

Among the amazing things about Alesia is that she is donating 100% of the profits from her book, Everything’s Okay, to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which is where she was treated as a child. In itself, this is an awesome way to give back, but Alesia wasn’t stopping there. Like Robert Renteria, she has a mission, and we are thrilled to be on board. After all, we’ve already seen through Robert’s book the awesome difference story can make on a national scale, and that’s the path we’re on with Alesia.

In the three months since her book was published through us, Alesia has formed the Alesia Shute Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to make hospital stays more comfortable for patients and fund research that will help prevent childhood diseases. Through the Foundation, she is donating books to hospitals, support groups, and more. As a result, Alesia is all over the media for her efforts to inspire children and families facing catastrophic illness and to help find a cure for the diseases that affect so many.

Alesia and Everything’s Okay is another example of why we at the Table are so passionate about the power of story. There simply is no better way of connecting with others, of inspiring change, of giving hope where once there was none.

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