Mon Dieu! Apple Store Coming to the Louvre

Musée du Louvre

There's a price for everything, even in the Louvre: Tomorrow, Apple will be opening up their very first Parisian Apple Store, and it'll sit in the concourse right below I.M. Pei's glass pyramid.

According to Bloomberg, this will be Apple's 277th store, worldwide. It's set to be slightly smaller than the one on Oxford Circus in London. But it's not tiny: The bilevel store will employ 150 people. You can expect the place to be mobbed. The Louvre concourse is one of the most heavily trafficked places in Paris. It links all of the wings of the Louvre, and visitors to the museum have to pass by before entering the museum.

For Microsoft, it comes at a particularly irksome time. Last month they opened a very sad looking cafe to coincide with the launch of Windows 7.

By next summer, Apple will open two more stores in France—one near Opera, a major hub on the Left Bank Right Bank, and another in Montpellier, the economic powerhouse of southern France.

You've gotta wonder just how many records the Louvre location is set to smash. The 5th Avenue store in New York, which isn't very big at all or even particularly pleasant as Apple stores go, is thought to earn far more than any of its neighbors, with yearly receipts of around $350 million.

Come to think of it, design wise, coming to the Louvre actually makes a lot of sense—the glass cube of the 5th Avenue store was basically a straight-up theft of I.M. Pei's glass pyramid, and his widely celebrated idea of turning the entrance to a dark, underground space into a dramatic point of pride:

Apple store at fifth avenue

[Via Bloomberg; picture by Al Ianni]

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  • Guillaume Foutry

    Montpellier, the economic powerhouse of southern France?? Please before advancing some inaccurate facts please do some research.

  • Chris Reich

    Big deal. A McDonald's is opening in the same location.

    What's that say about the real estate? Sacred? Hardly.

    Chris Reich

  • Ivan J.

    I agree with Richard. If any company earned a spot in this prestigious location, it's Apple and I too wish I could get them to market my business solutions but who knows, maybe some day they will!

  • Richard Geller

    Apple has earned and therefore deserves its leadership status for innovative designed consumer electronics. With this opening of its first French store in such a prestigious location, it's sure to garner even more by its proximity to (and association with) some of the world's greatest art. Mon dieu, if only I could get them to market my novels!

    Richard Geller

  • Minimal Ist

    Will this be below the museum entrance pyramid or the pyramid close by that is situated over a shopping mall? (The one where Dan Brown found the remnants of Mary (mother of Jesus Christ))

    My guess is the latter.