How Apple’s iPhone and Wii’s Mii Make Non-Techies Tech Geeks

On June 29th 2007, thousands of people waited impatiently in seemingly endless lines to get their hands on newly minted Apple product. It was not just another iPod or Mac computer, it was an entirely new platform that at the time, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on the tech industry. On June 29th 2007, the iPhone was released. Since that day, Apple’s iPhone has become the #1 selling smart phone on the market and revolutionized the mobile industry. The sleek, simple design and touch-screen features set the smart phone apart from its competitors. While smart phones like the Blackberry were targeted to business professionals (or left-brain people) the iPhone was the creatives answer to a mobile device. Just as with the iPod, the iPhone became a lifestyle statement. It defined who you are; it put the "cool" into tech geek. As the App store opened the door to developers, more and more apps flooded the market. When Apple says, "there’s an app for that," they mean it. Apple’s apps have given users a vehicle for self-expression and creativity that was never before available in mobile devices. The Rise of the Creative Geek Trend is about fusing technology with imagination. As a result of creativity in the tech sector, traditionally non-tech people have turned into outright tech-fiends. We will explore the how this explosion in creativity and imagination has impacted the tech sector and grown entire armies of creative geeks. Key Elements The Digital You — Gaming is inherently a platform for personal expression. In fact, through the user habits of massively multiplayer online games, researchers have gained tremendous amounts of data to examine various economic theories. From digital currency to avatars, traditionally non-creatives are thrusted into alternate worlds where imagination and creativity thrive. Moreover, the Nintendo Wii follows a similar strategy through avatars called, Miis. A Wii player...

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