Microsoft a "Bunch of Clueless Idiots," Says Danger Source

AppleInsider has reported disclosures from several sources close to the Microsoft/Sidekick debacle, saying that the failure is only a taste of Redmond's growing internal incompetence. The sources, which AppleInsider claims were original Danger employees brought to Redmond with their company's acquisition, say that the arrived to a hostile environment where their projects were "dogfooded," or destroyed, and mismanaged into oblivion.

The first example: the rumored Zune phone, dubbed "Pink." Because of contractual conditions, Microsoft got ahold of Pink before Danger engineers were brought over to work on it. According to AppleInsider's sources, "By the time Danger engineering became available to work on Pink a year later, innumerable bad decisions had already been made by clueless idiots." The Microsoft Pink team had even decided to exclude SMS from the device, saying it was "too hard" before being instructed by higher-ups to re-add it.

"No one really grasps how dysfunctional Microsoft has become," the source continues. "Yes Microsoft did spend half a billion dollars for, as near as anyone can tell, absolutely nothing [ie, Danger]. Not exactly the first time. Asserting that it's a ridiculous supposition is in no way disproving it."

The article also suggests that the server failure suffered by Sidekick's backend was instigated so recklessly that it might have been a case of internal sabotage. To read all the accusations in full, click here.

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