Photograph by Randal Ford

American Airlines' Gay-Friendly Skies

George Carrancho
National Sales and Marketing Manager, LGBT Community
American Airlines
Fort Worth, Texas


George Carrancho, 43, manages American Airlines' Rainbow Team, the first dedicated LGBT sales staff and Web site to target the $65 billion American gay and lesbian travel industry.

"Even as the rest of American Airlines shrinks, the Rainbow Team is growing. Our revenue from aa.com/rainbow and our newsletter subscribers have doubled this year. To maintain our lead, we go beyond buying ads and building pride-parade floats, and offer the community useful services. Our events calendar lists as many gay-themed national events as we can, from Human Rights Campaign dinners to rodeos, and it's a major draw for visitors. We offer special discount codes if you book travel whether we're a sponsor or not. Whatever the event is, we want you to fly American Airlines to get there. At the end of the day, this is a bottom-line decision."

Photograph by Randal Ford

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