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Hulu's Competitors: The Wild World of Web TV

Media giants and startups — not to mention pirates — are chasing an online-video audience of 158 million. Here's how key players connect to, and compete with, Hulu.


MYSPACE, YAHOO, AOL, MSN - Portals that distribute Hulu content on the Hulu player and share revenues.



BOXEE - Assembles Web and users' digital content — but no longer Hulu streams — in one free application. A potential game changer.

Veoh - Streams mostly clips — with a few episodes from other sites, including Hulu — for free.


NEWS CORP. - Hulu parent also streams its shows on network sites, including and

NBC - Hulu parent also streams its shows on network sites, including and

DISNEY/ABC - Newest Hulu parent also streams its shows on network sites, including and

COMCAST - A distribution partner for Hulu's shows from Fox and NBC. Its Fancast site has its own relationship with ABC, and exclusives from the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, and the Food Network.

YOUTUBE - Clearinghouse for homemade videos has the most viewers (100 million — plus in July) and a growing appetite for TV, primarily clips, including some via Hulu. In the works: paid movies.

Competing Business Models

NETFLIX - Rents DVDs and streams video of recent TV episodes, as well as movies, to subscribers.

AMAZON - Sells DVDs and downloads of recent episodes. 

iTUNES - Sells downloads of recent TV episodes.

TV EVERYWHERE - Cable channels' experiments with streaming content to paid cable subscribers. Comcast is now running a test in 5,000 households that includes some HBO shows. Could become competitor or partner to Hulu.


TV.COM - Streams CBS shows and some clips from other networks, but emphasizes forums. Claims not to be competing with Hulu.


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  • Andrew Kippen

    Andrew from Boxee here - Dan this is a great wrap-up of all the different choices consumer's have for online video. We've come a long way from just a few years ago! With regards to Hulu, we still view them as a hopeful partner down the road once windowing issues are worked out with content providers. And while Boxee has removed our original Hulu app which mimicked the look and feel of their website and had the entire content catalogue, we still do offer a less robust version of Hulu based on their publicly available RSS feeds along which displays their content and the corresponding ads that go with them.

    It's still our viewpoint that no one is going to get ALL the content that consumers want to watch so that's why we've built out a platform that lets people play media from most Internet sites, their hard drives, and their home networks - whether it's movies, TV, music, or photos. We think this strategy puts consumers in control, which is what they love about the Internet in the first place.