C.K. Prahalad on How Corporations Capitalize on Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

C.K. Prahalad, author of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, chronicles the evolution of corporate social responsibility, or CSR, from hands-off projects which were primarily for publicity to innovative experiments that lead to novel (and profitable) products. He visited Fast Company recently to talk about the updated 5th anniversary edition of the book, and in this video talks about how corporate attitudes about social responsibility are changing, using as an example GE’s new portable ECG machine, which arose from CSR work in China and India but is now being deployed in the U.S.

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  • John Agno

    Once again we are reminded that the closer we get to the consumer, the more we understand how best to serve her. The best proof of this is the worldwide expansion of micro-financing of innovative ventures of those at the base of the pyramid.
    In today's economy, smart financing Gen Y's efforts to become productive members of society by their Baby Boomer parents will be key to this generation's life satisfaction.