Fast Feed: @TracyMorgan?

Twitter's good. It'd be great if Tracy Morgan, who already speaks in Tweets, joined. founder Hugh Dornbush wants to petition the 30 Rock star to do just that. He's also using the hilarious concept to virally promote his mobile celebrity stalking app, omgicu. Here's Hugh...


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  • Jimmy Howe

    Can no longer configure and concern with the world of twitter?! although the moment you open up the apps. Twitter is well available for user to interact. the problem people who use twitter is really not giving up their reality to override their sudo privacy. I think like for a celebrated message, or a earthquake and political standoff, the realness is really heard to be news in the micro tweets. Yet no longer should those impose allowance or disallowance for real private conversations.

    Twitter is a real stand off between By stander and active principles of those whom influence others to submit and responses. Social media for celebrity is kinda of cool thing, I wish i know more celebrities who is technological inclined. A more acceptable plateau to be in.