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Google's Play-Dumb Browser Campaign for Chrome

Google has been pushing its Chrome browser hard, even buying those ubiquitous TV ads.

Now the search giant has launched a Web site called What Browser? to accompany the campaign. The first step to getting Chrome converts, Google realizes, is getting people to care which browser they're using—and to be able to tell the difference. The What Browser? site automatically identifies the browser you're using. If that's Greek to you, they provide this video.

It's not empty promises. Chrome has plenty of nerd-data to get excited about: JavaScript benchmark tests, Acid3 standards tests, and even a "graphical timeline" of browser history that shows, definitively, that Chrome is the newest thing on the block (and therefore, the coolest?).

Amusingly, the "Try a new browser" section also has the courtesy to link to downloads for Opera, Firefox, IE and Safari—to avoid looking like it's shilling for Chrome.

Edit: This article originally omitted the IE from the site's courtesy links. THe IE option only appears on Windows PCs.

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  • Turtle King

    chrome is cool, but unlike what the article says Google shouldn't care what browser you are using, as long as you are seeing their internet advertisements while using their services they don't get any extra money for chrome but to show off their level of innovation almost like a advert. for Google as a company.

  • Louann Oravec

    I am also a little peeved at Microsoft, on my machine IE is always running and if I disable it, it takes out my internet completely. I wish Microsoft would offer aps when setting up your computer for the first time. And make other aps available to pick and choose off the disk and on the internet as peoples lives change, and so do their needs.. Too much space is waisted by crap most of us will never use. Apple I phones have the technology right, now make computers the same way, and let the consumer pick the web browser they want, and make it independent; not co-dependent on virus ridden IE.

  • Louann Oravec

    Chrome is great. Firefox I am a little peeved at. There is a popup that comes up when I open Firefox. I have tried everything to block it. It would not be a problem if it would actually fully close when I close it, but the sound keeps running even after closing. It will finally stop when I completely close Firefox. I am a computer nerd so I have even looked up source code IP addresses to block it, no help. So I use Chrome, no visible popups and I love it.