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CO2 is Green Takes Climate Change Skepticism to New Heights

co2Climate change deniers are nothing new, and oil company-sponsored pro-petroleum events are practically legendary. But CO2 is Green, an organization backed by oil and coal executives, unintentionally hints that the anti-CO2 legislation movement might be getting desperate, with a 30-second ad that boasts: "There is no scientific evidence that CO2 is a pollutant. In fact higher CO2 levels than we have today would help the Earth's ecosystems." The CO2 is Green website goes even further, threatening, "In fact, lowering levels of carbon dioxide would actually inhibit plant growth and food production."

So far the campaign to prove excess CO2's necessity is falling flat. CO2 is Green's Facebook page is chock full of comments from dissenters, while YouTube comments on the video are all along the lines of "I hoped this was a joke—apparently it's real."

CO2 is Green isn't going away anytime soon—the group took out a half-page ad in today's Washington Post, and television ads are popping up in New Mexico. This type of climate change extremism isn't likely to win any moderate followers. Still, don't be surprised if it becomes more common in the weeks leading up to the Copenhagen climate change summit. Check out the CO2 is Green TV advertisement below.

[Via Washington Post]

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  • Troed Sångberg


    Fully realizing what point you're trying to make - if we disregard all the other things currently being said about CO2 and the effects on earth's climate - they're actually correct when it comes to plant growth though. Most plants developed (if you believe in evolution) when the CO2 levels in the atmosphere were much (up to an order of magnitude) higher than today. This is often used by growers to increase foliage and yield.