Microsoft Expects a Party From You

Barack Obama got a big lift from social Web-inspired parties during his presidential campaign. So why not do the same with Windows 7 when it launches on October 22?

That seems to be the thinking behind Microsoft's new commercial, which purports to be a "natural" guide to shilling for Windows 7 around your friends. The video is real, according to Gawker, and goes like this:

Naturally, a YouTube parody wasn't far behind.

Can you think of anything less party-inspiring than an operating system update? (Not talking to you, Mac fanboys.) Perhaps not. But if Windows 7 succeeds in regaining trust in the Windows brand after Vista so horribly eroded it, these parties might become a less absurdly far-fetched possibility for Windows 8.

Of course, Redmond's ads are only slightly more sanguine than Intel's; this video depicts the relationship between man and computer as, well, girlfriendy. (Insert your own Web porn joke here.)

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  • Kent Stephan Jensen

    OMG. I can't understand who approves this kind of crap. It doesn't help Microsoft in any way. Actually, it's so bad, it hurts their brand. Big time.
    Who ever is CMO at Microsoft should be forced to resign.

    Did Crispin Porter & Bogusky execute this? I hope not.


  • Petar Pavlov

    It looks like a TOP-SHOP promotion. They should at least hire Chuck Norris to be a party host :)