Stop Relying on Others to Spread the Word—Be Your Own Literary Publicist!

Writing a book is commitment. It’s like being a parent. First there’s the commitment required to develop an idea into a story. As the story grows into a manuscript, there’s the commitment to allowing that story to change if it needs to. Then you must find the right company to publish that manuscript and to serve you as the face of your conversation. After the book is published comes the greatest commitment of all—working your ass off to give it the opportunity to succeed.

The first thing you have to understand is that a published book is just another published book, of which there are thousands of new ones every day. Without someone there to stand up for your book, to connect with the right people and insist that they have to read it, to promote it through all appropriate channels, to strategize and follow up on leads, to introduce it to the world and make damn sure the world takes notice—well, the chances of you winning the lottery are greater than you selling more than a hundred copies. So if you can’t afford to hire someone to do the job for you, then you’re not thinking like a business owner, which is what you are!

Instead of using your time to do a poor to mediocre job marketing and publicizing your book, use your time to do what you are best at getting paid to do and then pay someone who specializes in marketing and PR to support the growing of your audience.  Promoting yourself is bragging anyway and that arrogance can kill your chances.  In our work, our team is often selling our authors.  We can sing an author’s praises in ways that they simply cannot.

So stop wasting time with mediocre efforts if you are a high achiever.  Pay for the kind of support that can really take your dream to the next level.

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