Muutu: The eBay of Classified Ads?

muutuThe Demo Pit at the annual TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco is filled with eager startups gunning for their shot at stardom. Most of the companies are forgettable, but every so often one catches our attention. Muutu, a company based in Vancouver, is one such startup.

Muutu is, according to representatives in the Demo Pit, kind of like eBay for classified ads. The site aggregates ads from Craigslist, newspaper classifieds, and various other online classifieds into a streamlined interface that allows users to save favorites, share good finds with friends, and rate ads by quality. Eventually, Muutu will add in its own payment system and give users the chance to become verified. In other words, Muutu has many of the basic features that Craigslist should have, but doesn't.

Muutu is still in its infancy—it just launched this morning—but if it takes off, the site has the potential to become a Craigslist competitor. Other sites have tried to overtake Craigslist's supremacy before (ever head of OLX?), but Muutu could have the right mix of usability and simplicity to make a dent in Craig Newmark's kingdom. That is, if it gets funding and attracts enough public interest—two big "ifs" that have destroyed many a startup's dream before. But judging by Wired's recent cover story on Craigslist's myriad problems, the time is ripe for a competitor to come in and save the day.


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  • Michael Imbleau

    Just wondering when Craigs will shut down use of their data this way. I remember a product called listpic, which used Craigslist data to browse classifieds by photos...and then sadly they were sent a cease and desist notice.

    Content is king...what's their secondary content acquisition strategy?

    Michael Imbleau

  • David Filipose

    This post is bang on. I saw Muutu at TC50's Demopit today and after watching a day of company's presenting on stage as part of the TC50 and the folks in the Demopit, I'm left wondering where the system broke down. The presentation I was given by one of their C-level execs was fantastic and I have been using the site (and telling my colleages about it since). How are they not the toast of the TC50 this year? They seemed to represent everything that TC50 stands for as a competition and as a show.

    The Wired cover is just the tip of the iceberg - we're all tired of unbelievably subpar classified ad experience. I dont just want a pretty skin to Craigslist either; I want product innovation and as the Muutu guy said, "It's almost 2010 - why would we settle for anything less?" I really like this startup and I wish them the best as I'll be a loyal user as long as they don't start making a "yahoo" out of their site.