Olive Tree Light Makes Recycled Copper Scrap Beautiful

olive tree light

We have no shortage of copper in the United States, so it comes as no surprise to learn that landfills are crammed with copper lurking in gadgets and circuit boards. Enter the Olive Tree Light, a lamp made up of recycled copper rings fashioned into a honeycomb-like design.

Georgi Porgy, the light's improbably-named designer, came up with a rhyme to describe his creation:

Copper rings bound round you see,
I call this light the Olive Tree,
Casting shadows on it's own,
That look just like a honeycomb,
It's made from copper tall and bright,
all in one an Object With Light

olive tree light

olive tree light

Luckily for us, Porgy's designing skills are better than his poetry. Porgy's Web site also features a number of other lamps made out of reclaimed objects, including the Marbles Lights, the Tweeters Light, and the Screwed Light.

[Georgi Porgy via Ecofriend]

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