Glenn Beck, Art Critic

The tearful, reality-challenged Fox News host decries NBC's 30 Rock headquarters for its Facist design inspirations—which he also happens to have completely made up.

Neither facts nor fairness are much of a deterrent to Glenn Beck's quivering tirades—for example, lately he's been calling Van Jones, the green-jobs advocate turned Obama advisor, a "communist," a "criminal," and a government "czar," based on some fairly weird conspiracy-theorizing. Last night, Glenn Beck debuted in a new role: Art critic.

Taking on NBC's headquarters in Rockfeller Plaza, he attempted to point out all kinds of crypto commie symbolism in the architecture. The idea is patently insane—the themes and motifs of the architecture are basically typical Art Deco, as the very detailed site makes clear. And, as Tyler Green points out, Beck's readings fall apart completely, when fact checked. But it's amusing nonetheless. Could someone please get Beck to record an audio guide to the Met or MoMA? Those places are filled with subversives—as Beck says, "It makes sense that you feel a little uneasy, and everything seems to be a little hidden. It's not if you look. You're awake you need to see the things hidden in plain sight." String 'em up!

[Via UnBeige]

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  • Cave Dog

    I truly fear for our collective sanity. That someone like Beck can have and maintain a loyal following of seemingly rational, sane people is so discouraging... What happened to us these last few years that we've dropped out standards so low to see this type of commentary as valid and on par with truly reasonable, thought-out discourse? I'm perplexed, scared, tickled, dumbfounded - all at once.

  • Ed Powell

    I do believe that Glenn has gone over the edge. If he's lucky, maybe he got a bad batch of Oxycontin from Rush and he'll be fine after rehab. My real fear is that it's Stage 3 Syphilis that he picked up from unprotected sex in the Fox "Green Room."