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Artist Turns Fast Food Trash into Delicate Paper Trees


The brown paper bags that McDonald's hands out along with Happy Meals and fries are an unlikely art medium, but artist Yuken Teruya has managed to turn the grease-stained vessels into beautiful, delicate paper forests.

<a href=Yuken Teruya" width="620" height="290" />

In the Notice-Forest series, Teruya cuts one side of a paper bag in a tree shape. The cut-out tree is folded down so that it appears to be part of a diorama to onlookers who look inside the bag. According to Teruya, the diorama is meant to look like a real tree positioned against the shadows of other trees in a forest.  In other words, Teruya reclaims paper bags back into what they once were—trees.

Yuken Teruya

Teruya isn't the only artist of late to take disposal fast food items and turn them into unexpected pieces of art.  Designer Scott Jarvie's Clutch Light uses hundreds of plastic drinking straws to create a vibrant multi-colored lamp.

[Via MNN]

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  • tiffany elson

    I found one that also takes care of more major trash. There is an artist doing paintings and artwork out of styrofoam in Sweden. If you look up art by Hilary Frihd you can find alot of cool paintings from her. Here is the link for the styrofoam paintings or I think if you go direct to that should be one of her pages there.

  • Jessie Pilar

    It is indeed a wonderful work of art, if we continue converting trash into art the world will be more wonderful to live in.

  • Rahimah Mhae

    I Salute you,Sir Yuken Teruya for this wonderful masterpiece!!!! You are truly a great artist!!!! Continue the good work you've done. It really creates a great impact on Mother nature. May you create a workshop that is open to all ages who wants to learn in how to be more productive with trash. ALL CHEERS TO YOU!!!! ;)GOOD JOB! :)

  • Erika Leon

    this is great! what a wonderful and resourceful idea of turning trash specifically fast food trash into an art! Bravo! but then is there any other way to lessen the hedious trash that fast foods make everyday??

  • Steven T

    Pretty cool art. I didn't know that McDonalds' garbage could be beautiful.

    I went to her website. Not all her work is as good as this, but I really like this.