The Solution to Your Resumé Nightmare

Every idea has its time, and with the unemployment rate rising, JobSpice is right on schedule. Think of it as Google Docs for your resumé: it's an online service that makes creating and distributing resumes easy, without the hassle of cutting, pasting and tabbing yourself to death in Microsoft Word. Simply plug in your work and education info, and it will let you choose from a litany of pre-made templates; better yet, it won't lose your formatting if you submit the document online, and it makes tracking different versions of your resumé easy.


It makes sense that you'd want your resumé available online from any computer; should you get a job tip while you're out and about, getting your information to the right people is as easy as finding a computer, making a few edits and sending a PDF. One caveat: no smartphone access. Should you try and make edits to your resumé from your iPhone, the site will politely tell you to go find a real computer. Let's hope there's a mobile app coming.

JobSpice is part of the latest round of Y-Combinator companies announced yesterday, according to VentureBeat. The company plans to partner with university career services and companies, which may be a source of revenue; for individual users, the service is free.

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  • Alex Yamane

    You may also want to setup a Repio page or similar where you can create your best foot forward on all those links, social media comments, social profiles, etc. out there on the web, on one page to share with potential employers, before they go Googling the wrong person with same name. Free.

  • Chris Dannen

    @Ryan -- this service exports to PDF so you can email a resume, but also works with online application processes.

  • Ryan Thompson

    Its a good idea. However, professionals would probably continue to use a word or pdf document for resume, as the application looks more serious if the resume is attached with the mail. Most of the companies have a standard recruiting platform and HR generalists in big companies would face issues on how to handle online resumes.