Send This to Your Kids: Horrifying PSA About Texting While Driving.

Britain tackles the texting-while-driving phenomenon by screening a disturbing PSA around the country.

Remember when you were a teenager, and you were forced to sit through those gruesome films of road accidents, in the hopes that you'd wise up and drive safe? Things have changed, and so have the dangers. The scare tactics are changing as well: To combat the problem of texting-while-driving, a British high school and a local police department teamed up to create a 30-minute movie. You can check out the fatal crash in the clip above.

Do films like these work? We can't find any evidence for or against, when it comes to road safety. But the appeal is hard to resist: Teenage brains aren't wired to understand the consequences of their decisions. No wonder those old-time gore movies and the texting video try to implant an unsettling memory for a long time to come. But did that tactic ever work on you, beyond that first drive afterwards?

In the meantime, it's worth noting that proposals to ban texting-while-driving are percolating, spurred by new studies showing that the practice is even worse than drunk-driving.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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  • Ryan Thompson

    Texting while driving is pretty dangerous. But I also think this issue is getting way more limelight it deserves. Its also dangerous to drive slow in the fast lane and putting make up on while driving, but I hardly see anyone highlighting those issues.