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Diagrammed: The Real Issue Behind Health Care

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  • Jeanne Male

    Eureka! Karla shined the light on Gruzzle brilliance; there's gold (wisdom and mirth) in dem dare nuggets. Keep the gold rush going, GL!

  • Scott Jagodzinski

    Reminds me of issues/questions raised in Atlas Shrugged. The move towards collectivism in health care will not stop until we are all bankrupt.

    Scott Jagodzinski

  • Scott Jagodzinski

    An alternative to the "x" you have: Who is John Galt?

    Scott Jagodzinski

  • Gary Cohen

    GL you have a way of finding the simple side of complexity. Keep them coming, I love your Gruzzles.

  • Paul Moquist

    I like the organization chart that shows how Healthcare will be administered. I don't think we will get the plan that congress has,the org. chart has got that all buttoned up.

  • Karla Porter

    Like any good socially communicable disease no one wants to assume responsibility for giving it to you. GL, your Gruzzles are are like gold pans, they filter out all the dust and leave the nuggets :-)