A Familiar Sound (Just When You Need it).

So, in determining my first post/idea, I thought long and hard about the ideal organization to build a concept around. It had to be a company that deserved such treatment. One that not only was in dire need of a heroic intervention, but also, if given the gift of brilliance, could pony up oodles of cash to execute. So, I chose ... wait for it ... McDonalds! I mean, over the last few decades, I've given them my money, my health, my love, my hatred and the list goes on. So I might as well give them an idea.

Grab your pencils and get ready McDonalds, because here it comes:

Imagine this, you're driving down Main Street and your stomach is screaming at you – FEED ME, FEED ME! Just as you're about to start rummaging through the trash in your passenger seat (looking for yesterdays leftovers), you notice some unusual grooves cut into the road ahead of you. Must be a stop sign coming up, right? Wrong. As you begin to travel over the grooves, you quickly realize that the noise produced by your tires traveling over the well-positioned cutouts has a familiar ring to it. Then it dawns on you, this wasn't your average incoherent mess of road noise. No, you just heard the all-to-familiar McDonalds jingle, I'm Lovin' It. And, wouldn't you know it, you spot a McDonalds just a block ahead. Stomach is lovin' it, problem solved.

About: Born with a large forehead and natural ability to develop outrageously absurd ideas, Dana Severson was immediately drawn to the advertising industry at a very early age. Growing up, he'd often get caught sipping a three-finger apple juice (disguised as cognac), smoking candy cigarettes, dressed like his favorite superhero, David Ogilvy. Fast forward a few decades, and we find Dana (with a larger forehead) getting paid to develop outrageously absurd ideas at his consultancy, Idea Heroes and downing three-shot espressos. Dana is a Adage.com contributor and is known to post random advertising concepts on Twitter. He is available for sideshow demonstrations and Bill Bernbach impersonations.

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