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What's the best advice you ever got? Leadership coaching, fast, directly from the people who make Fast Company Magazine come to life.

30 Second MBA

The great lament of any reporter is what to do with the jewels that routinely get left on the cutting room floor after a really great interview. For me and many of my colleagues at Fast Company, that is often the "how I do what I do" stuff, the extraordinary insights that we get into the nuts and bolts of how great leaders lead, but don't necessarily fit into the story at hand.

That's why I took a bit of a break from feature writing to work on the 30 Second MBA, an ongoing video "curriculum" of really good advice from the trenches, directly from the people who make business happen. It's the best way I know to capture some of those moments that I often get to see, and bring them straight to you—short, sweet, unfiltered, sometimes entertaining, always relevant. Think of it as a collective video blog of good advice from leaders in their natural habitats, offered in byte-sized bits short enough to be easily recalled when you need it. And the kind of stuff that you don't learn in, uh, slow business school.

30 Second MBA

We've collected a range of questions from our readers, from the philosophical to the very practical, all in the hopes of creating a conversation about the nature of leadership in a modern world. As you can tell, it has a serious DIY vibe to it, and we'll be including a mix of voices—from the C-Suites of Ford, Intel, Accenture and USAA to name a few—to artists, scientists educators, the military and social enterprise leaders from a variety of fields. Expect more than a few of our cover subjects to show up as well. We want this to be a reflection of the sensibilities of our magazine—about innovation, inspiration and possibility—and inclusive of all perspectives. And we hope it will be fun. But mostly, we want it to become the best advice that our readers will ever get.

Got a big leadership question? Ask it here, or email 30second (at), and we'll put it into the mix.

30 Second MBA

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  • Thomas Clifford

    Hi Ellen,

    Congratulations on creating and sharing this neat concept!

    Having direct access from innovative and successful business leaders is something so many people long for. There's lots of room to take your concept to new levels– keep innovating! =)

  • Rob Loach

    I've seen three of the five videos so far and have really been enjoying them. Keep it up, Ellen!

  • Freddy Nager

    Hey, this is just like the MBA I got: after 30 seconds, I owed $50,000 in student loans... ;-)

    Great idea and nice job, FC!