Seven (More) Reasons to Ditch Your iPhone

It's been a nasty week for iPhone users. Apple has buckled to pressure from AT&T and denied Google's Voice application from the App Store: a nifty service that helps you consolidate phones and manage your voicemail online. The app lives on at the BlackBerry App World and Android Market, making some of the technorati so angry they've vowed to ditch AT&T in protest—and their beloved iPhone with it. Here are seven reasons why you should make AT&T and Apple suffer for their sins.


They're anticompetitive. Sure, every business wants to edge out its foes, but AT&T and Apple are now under FCC investigation for their black-box app approval process. Regulators want to know who killed the app, and why Voice is different than VOIP apps like Skype. Check out the inquiries here.

They're targets. Heavy lies the crown; just ask Microsoft. When your software platform is the world leader, it earns a lot of antipathy from hackers, who spend their time engineering ways to make your device crash and burn. Already, the iPhone has been the subject of several frightening security breaches like the text message vulnerability, which Apple has fixed. But the platform has only been around a couple of years— the more success it finds, the more trouble will find you.

They're dicks. When Apple rejected Google Voice from the App Store, it also pulled all other GV-related apps, some of which customers paid for. Now they're pissed because they want refunds, and Apple is telling developers that those refunds are supposed to come out of the developers' pockets. Not. Cool.

Apps are mayhem. When the iPhone had a couple of hundred apps available, you responded by downloading a handful. Now there are 50,000 of them, and you've responded by downloading approximately 30,000 of them. The problem: you don't delete your superfluous apps—they're what make the iPhone the iPhone—but you don't want to trip over them getting to, say, important stuff like the camera. Apple's organizational system for apps on the phone is terrible; move one, and the rest tumble into disarray, and there aren't any ways to organize them by name, size or kind. What happens when you have more than 11 screens of apps?

You can't find anything. The disarray plaguing the iPhone's interface doesn't get any better in iTunes, where it's almost impossible to discover cool new apps easily without having to sift through garbage first. Third-party sites like AppBeacon help, but the more apps flood the store, the more bloated and unwieldy iTunes gets. Right now, the main conduit for discovery is the "What's New" list, which is killing developers: it encourages them to do updates as often as possible, so they can stay on that list. That, in turn, inundates the App Store with approval requests they can't handle. Stupid.

HTC Hero

Android is beautiful. As I've written before, some of the Android phones out there—and 18 or 20 more are expected before 2010—are more gorgeous and functional than the iPhone could ever dream of being. Plus, each company in the Open Handset Alliance has a different customization, letting you choose a phone that is built up the way you want.

iphone 3g

T-Mobile is cheaper. A lot cheaper. Check out their plans and weep. Like BlackBerrys over Android phones? Verizon has better customer service, and Sprint is faster, with WiMAX already rolled out in several cities. If you have an iPhone, you know that AT&T connects calls about as often as the Cubs win games. Which is not often. Not often at all. I'm not even a baseball fan and I know this analogy fits.

I should note that I'm no unilateral iPhone hater: right beside me sits my precious white 3G S, 3G before that, 2G before that. And when die-hards like me and this guy (and this guy) start talking about jumping ship, Apple should listen up: customer malice is just about the only thing they can't afford right now.

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  • Cory Hess

    This might be the worst article I have ever read. I stumbled upon this article and decided to see why my iphone should be ditched. Most of the article is written off of opinion anyway so firstly, the author should be ashamed to put his name on this "informative" article. How many people need more than 11 pages of apps? seriously? if you have that many apps and think you use them all you need to do some serious searching as to what you should be doing with your life. It's unfortunate that this article on the internet because those that read it are completely wasting their time. Ask a 12 year old and you might get similar responses.....It's not pretty, they are mean, they don't wanna play fair, and it's confusing (it's not rocket science or brain surgery) If a 12 year old did write this then not too bad young one, otherwise stop putting this garbage on the internet and wasting people's time with your horribly wrong opinions. 

  • Matthew Williams

    >They're anticompetitiveLike I care, if you were the biggest company out there now wouldn't you have someone looking into the way you run your business? Implying this is even a real reason to leave a phone I enjoy more then a competitors phone.>They're targets."They're dicks." Personal opinion, if you wanted to get more fence sitters on your side it would be better if you didn't start off with a bias statement. Refunds would have been written in the contract before apple gave them permission to sell their product. Apple store is a "store". They offer an opportunity to sell your product.>Apps are mayhemI dont see this as even a real problem, you do what you want with your apps. if you want 10 pages of apps all about cats you can. Unless you really care what other people download I dont see whats wrong with that?>You can't find anythingDidnt you just say they have too many apps? Whatever. It has whatever YOU want so if you search for it you can find it. "The disarray plaguing the iPhone's interface doesn't get any better in iTunes" If you are still using itunes to find new music "you're a dick". "Sift through garbage first." WOAH! did you just say these people were the victim here for hafting to pay for refunds, and now you are insulting their work?!?! It seems like you are trying to really hard to reach out and get people on your side here. Nice ending too, "Stupid." Another opinion.>Android is beautiful"gorgeous and functional than the iPhone could ever dream of being" That is your opinion, Again, "I enjoy my prius, it looks better then any other car out there, the flames I put on it makes it even sportier." And you wouldn't even be able to prove me wrong. >T-Mobile is cheaper. Being written in 2009 I do not recall the prices and will leave this alone."I should note that I'm no unilateral iPhone hater" I give you props for that, I have never seen someone get so mad over a cell phone. I should note I am no apple fanboy, Beside me I have my iPhone 4, and beside that my razor, LG flip phone, and blackberry. It weird why I keep my phones organized like that but thats beside the fact(see what I did there, I said I wasn't what I clearly was and added some proof that I'm not. All my own opinion BTW you know all about that)

  • Charlie O

    "T-Mobile is cheaper. A lot cheaper."

    It is? Looking at those plans posted, to get what I am getting now I save $1.00. Well, kind of. I get unlimited text messages for that extra $1.00 as opposed to 1500.

    The big thing that keeps me with the iPhone is the iPod portion of the phone. All other phones listed, IMO, cannot compare to the iPhone in terms of playing or managing music.

  • Stuart Strauzer

    Ok, first things first. I begin my criticism of you with a simple piece of knowledge. I HAVE NEVER OWNED AN IPHONE. Primarily because ATT is renowned to be awful with pricing and customer service.

    Next, if you knew anything at all about cell phones or cell reception or any associated technology or financing you'd feel like a complete ignoramus for your comment about moving to T-Mobile as they are well documented as having minuscule cell tower coverage by comparison to any other company including Sprint who while having little coverage distance wise at least as impressive 3g and 4g.

    What's next, oh ya you're baseball ridiculousness. People need to stop thinking about analogies like this simply because they're unworkable. Reminder that while World Series Champions have competed in a contest only slightly different from that of Lord Stanley's Cup (whom I greatly respect) both are victories lasting a grand total of 1 game, namely the last at which point the season is over and they start from scratch again. Business is a life long game and being on top is a day to day struggle for every company and WinMo has been knee capped by the Iphone and while Android has enormous potential it'll be crippled so long as the hardware isn't powerful enough to even supply a full day's battery life under simple use.

    By maintaining control over the hardware and software Apple limits complaints, which come to every company, to issues of availability and delay for purposes of legal issues and damage to the user experience rather than rushing to release "cool looking stuff" resulting in being called "useless" or "spawn of the devil" like WinMO has been by respected tech experts such as Wil Harris.

    Bottom line? Use something, read about it, listen to experts before you shoot your mouth off for respect on a blog.

  • inejiro asanuma

    huurr, duuurr...... Has the author even used either of the suggested alternatives?

    1.) Android doesn't support multi-touch, and therefore, it's UX sucks, hard.

    2.) T-Mobile's service is _actually_ worse than ATT's (hard to believe, I know).

  • Slower Eastside

    I think this: if the author of this article really believes what he's just written, why doesn't he short AAPL and tell us where he went short. Hell, just make it up (I suspect he has a great imagination) --pick some price point and declare, "From this point onward, I think Apple will decline in value because the glaring flaws in the iPhone that I've enumerated are too painful to be ignored by the market."

    Is that unfair?

  • Snapper Cridge issue has much less to do with Apple than it does with how some people "journalists", journalists, the TV media, etc. will walk you into a show, article, blog, etc. and have speak as if what they say is the truth.

    'They're anti-competitive' - Apple and AT&T are not under investigation...PERIOD! An inquiry as to why the Google app was blocked is FAR from an investigation.

    'They're targets' - The linked article in this paragraph clearly states Android was effected as well and the length someone would have to go through to launch such an attack would be highly unlikely (not like anything of the virus attacks that Microsoft has faced and has yet to completely fix)

    'They're dicks' - Maybe someone can explain why someone would want a refund for an application that simply is no longer sold in the iTunes App Store?

    'Apps are mayhem' - If any part of this were relevent, none of the iPhone's competition would be going out of their way to duplicate what Apple has done with App Store. My apps don't "tumble into disarray", they simply fall left or right of the app I am moving and if I have 11 screens of apps, I will simply use spotlight to find them. If they are important enough that I need to get to them by, as Sam Grobart stated in the linked article, "pull(ing) out my iPhone and flick(ing) to the app I need, I will simply place them on the first couple of pages (yes Sam it does sound a bit ridiculous).

    'You can't find anything' - The practical person in my laughed at this, but I do get Dannen's point to a degree. There are over 65,000 apps available on the iPhone. However I (as well as every other iPhone user I know) looks for applications as they need or want them, then listen to the ratings and comments of those who have used them to make a decision on which app will work best for what they are wanting or needing to do with it.

    'Android is beautiful' - 100% OPINION

    'T-Mobile is cheaper' - Untrue...comparable plans even based on you link show AT&T plans at nearly every level...the same!

    "Verizon has better customer service, and Sprint is faster" - again 100% opinion. I have had Verizon...their customer service made me switch and when I did it was to Sprint. I had Sprint for years and moved to AT&T just before I bought my iPhone. I have an iPhone and FACT - I haven't had experiences connecting calls. And while I have had calls drop in specific areas NOT ONE SINGLE CARRIER can get a signal in those spots either.

    Sorry for the long rant, but I hope you get my point ;)

  • Andrew Eriksen

    @snapper- do you own stock in apple, you should consider being a spokesman for them, seriously.... Bad talking a company without merit or means of discourse should not be tolerated, but the apple people have the same freedom we enjoy and are welcome to come shed light on these issues. You can believe that they have read this article but probably could care less what we are writing about right now. You are right though, they have sold a lot of Iphones and will continue to in spite of our venting.


  • Snapper Cridge

    I was speaking at the half truths of the article. I saw none where with what you wrote.

  • Justin Cina

    Fair enough, I will seek the means for communicating with the company. But help me out...if any items I remarked on are half truths, or better yet, there are actual solutions to my issues please let me know!!

  • Snapper Cridge

    @Cina - I agree! And while Apple seems to keep with their own timetable when it comes to getting things done, they seem to be paying attention. I have no doubt that as long as people continue to feed them with constructive ideas for improving...they will make those improvements.

    However, this isn't the best way to get those messages across...Period! Bad mouthing a company and spreading half truths is never a way to get people on board. My point here being...rather than ditching your $100 to $500 device...why not tell the makers what your issue is. I don't know about most here, but I have a contract...have always had good service with AT&T, and run a small business. This little device contributes to that in a major way. NOTHING...(even the completely factual and truthful points) are enough to push me to make that change.

  • Justin Cina

    Good point. I don't like the dicks language either - poor usage. I didn't mean to imply childish, but this is the modern form for discussing the future of a device most of us actually love. Without some critical changes I really believe the future success is compromised.

    But of course, that may be the space (high-end consumer) that Apple is most comfortable occupying.

  • Snapper Cridge

    @Cina Meister - It obviously got my attention too, but I just have read better articles that are focused on the same points without sounding like Apple & AT&T got the author thrown in prison. I have mentioned this before that I have read articles by Chris Dannen and some were good. It just seems that his new mission in life is to show why Apple is falling apart at the seams when it's clearly not. Sorry if somehow YOU were offended in the process. Good day!

  • Snapper Cridge

    @Cina Meister - It obviously got my attention too, but I just have read better articles that are focused on the same points without sounding like Apple & AT&T got the author thrown in prison. I have mentioned this before that I have read articles by Chris Dannen and some were good. It just seems that his new mission in life is to show why Apple is falling apart at the seams when it's clearly not. Sorry if somehow YOU were offended in the process. Good day!

  • Snapper Cridge

    @Ciao - He corrected me already, but thanx. And your point was by the way?

  • Snapper Cridge

    @cina - I never said I wasn't going to respond to this article. However, beyond this article I am going to stick to writers that seem to base their information on fact rather than opinion. It's the READERS job to give an opinion on what he/she reads.

    So for the recored, I (HE in this case) can have an "adult conversation". Please describe for me how calling people "dicks" would be considered "adult conversation". Then enlighten me on what exactly it was that I said that reduced me to childlike conversation??

  • Ciaoenrico

    @Snapper Cridge Just a head's up, it's "has shrunk." Run that by your 17 year old if you don't believe me.

  • Justin Cina

    And while this writing may not be Hemingway, it received over 1700 DIGGS at this post, making it #7 in last 24 hours (at this time of post). This new type of journalism is short and blogish meant to give tidbits throughout the day, almost personal insights. It stimulated my interest and got the point across.

  • Justin Cina

    Unfortunately for Snapper Cridge, he/she can't have an adult conversation. And it's too bad when a designer can't listen to customers. Thank God he/she is not receiving this since he is on a different RSS. Is the iPhone the most successful smartphone in the world? Yes. Is the iPhone a remarkably amazing device? Yes. Is there room for improvement? Yes.

    Does it bother anyone else that they can't use their 16GB mini-super-computer as a flash drive? And for that reason can't email with attachments, or conduct other simple business procedures? Or that Flash is not an acceptable format for their mobile browser (Safari)?