Creating an Online Universe – Article PR

In today’s high-tech world, 80-plus percent of the people that do business with your company find you on the internet first.  So having control of what is said about you on the internet is important.  In fact, it is one of the basic principles we utilize when creating an online presence for you with the media as well as your clients and prospective clientele.  

The internet is a huge source of information.  What makes you credible to search engines is the value of the information you put out.

Article PR is a tool that has become more common in just the last few years.  It is a term that defines the ability to broadcast your knowledge and expertise to your prospective clients via the internet – namely article directories.  These article directories or "banks", as they are sometimes referred to, are depositories of online information that can then be distributed elsewhere… for free.  Wouldn’t you like it if people found your articles and felt them useful enough to use them in their own newsletters, magazines, ezines, etc.? 

You are probably asking yourself why they would do that and what would be the value to them and then to you?

They do it because they are not experts on your subject and in the ongoing effort to provide quality content to their clients, they want experts that have already done the leg work for them.  Using your content positions them as being a helpful source of information, which gives their customers more reasons to want to regularly stay in touch with them (and not just get blasted with promotions).  The byproduct is that you get "unsolicited" coverage and possibly even clients.

The direct value to you is that your name, your company name and your website are all in tact in the article.  Article PR works on the honor system.  Anyone is allowed to use your articles as long as they keep the bio of the author and their website link intact.  How cool is that?

The value of Article PR invaluable because it can create the perception that you have been around a long time, even if you have not, and that you are an expert in what you do.  Article PR is basically a way to get useful content out about your topic of expertise.  And as long as you write useful information that actually does help, then you are golden.

There is a right way to get your articles written, communicated and directed to the online directories that matter.  What matters?  The ones that will get you the best Return On Investment – higher page rankings, more unique visitors, more referring URLs and domains.    

What else matters?  Critical mass – you can create such an overwhelming amount of useful information on the internet from all sorts of sources, all linking back to your site organically that you become the expert in your industry.  It is the foundation for other more targeted PR, like social media, print, radio and TV.  Journalists will also start to be one of your fans – and that breeds reputation and credibility…which ties in perfectly with the next piece of the PR puzzle called Reputation Management.

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