FedEx to Build Largest Rooftop Solar Array in U.S.


New Jersey wins the award for solar power superstar of the week. Hot on the heels of an announcement from Petra Solar and Public Service Gas and Electric (PSE&G)of a plan to install over 200,000 PV panels on NJ utility poles, FedEx has announced that it will install the country's largest rooftop solar power system at its distribution center in Woodbridge, NJ.

The 2.42 megawatt system, which is being built by BP solar, will produce 2.6 million kilowatt hours of power each year—enough for 250 homes. When completed in November, the system will cover 3.3 acres with 12,400 panels and provide the FedEx building with 30% of its annual electricity needs. The project will also cut the building's annual carbon emissions by 1,867 metric tons.

FedEx's project will bring the company further up the list of the top 20 on-site green power producers in the U.S. An Alameda County, CA facility (last on the list) produces 3,829,789 kilowatt hours yearly. Combined with its solar systems in California and Germany, FedEx is poised to join the list of green energy superstars any year now. The next step is, of course, fo FedEx to increase transportation efficiency by continuing to add hybrid delivery vans to its fleet.

[Via CNN]

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