Candles Made From Used Cooking Oil + Recycled Glass

filt candles

Waste cooking oil doesn't have to go down the drain; it can be used to make candles, according to the creators of the Filt waste oil candle.

Filt's Tokyo office sits on top of the popular Chubby cafe. Periodically, Filt employees make the trek downstairs and gather used cooking oil, which is filtered, colored, and scented. Even the candle glass comes fom local sources. Every week, the Filt-ers rummage through glass recycling bins to find containers. The result: each Filt candle is completely unique.

filt candles

filt candles

The candles, which cost about $20 depending on size, are only available in Japan. But the idea of upcycling waste to create new products is gaining ground aound the world. TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based startup, repurposes waste packaging into everything from messenger bags to cell phone holders.

[Via CScout Japan]

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