Fast History: Storm Botnet Sends 57 Million Emails in One Day, 2007

For computer viruses everywhere, today is something akin to the day Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal. Two years ago today, the Storm botnet (sometimes called the Storm worm botnet) had a career day, sending a record 57 million emails in a 24-hour period. But malware beware; researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have developed a supercomputer that can run one million operating systems via 4,480 Intel microprocessors, creating a sample-size Internet inside of which they can safely monitor the behavior of botnets, making it easier to develop an antidote when one begins infecting the Web.

August 22
Storm Botnet Sends 57 Million Emails in One Day, 2007

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  • Ryan Thompson

    I recall the Storm Botnet threat as it was emerging on the security network. I have been managing IT operations and currently manage them for a free web dating site. Such widespread bots can be pretty tricky to contain sometimes. There are so many computers which are not up to date and can't be updated because the newer software is not certified to run with other custom software yet and what not.