Postal Service Unveils Biggest Green Roof in NYC


Perhaps in an attempt to overshadow PNC Bank's announcement last week that it is building the largest Green Living Wall in the U.S., the U.S. Postal Service announced today that it has completed the biggest green roof in NYC.


The 2.5 acre, seven story high green roof—one of the largest in the country—sits atop the Morgan mail processing facility in midtown Manhattan. 90% of the new roof is constructed from materials used in the original non-green roof, which can support 200 pounds per square foot. That's enough to support soil, drought-tolerant vegetation like coral carpet, Calamagrostis grass and Fudaglut sedums, benches, and of course, visitors. In addition to acting as a park for USPS employees, the roof will reduce contaminants in storm water runoff by 75% in the summer. And since the green roof is more energy efficient than a traditional roof, the USPS will save $30,000 each year on heating and cooling costs.

USPS's announcement comes soon after the postal service unveiled plans to buy 1,600 fuel efficient vehicles—a purchase that makes USPS the largest alternative fuel vehicle fleet owner in the country.

[Via Inhabitat]

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