The Real Reason for Bill Gates' Success


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  • Emeri Gent [Em]

    If this is supposed to be a joke then I agree with Bob, if it is deep thought then I am having a hard time seeing what Ramana saw here. A little bit of edification then on why this venn can be insightful would be appreciated. (Did try to take one more look but just like A and C ... NOPE still can't see it).

    e.g.,I am a Venn A-B Bonehead (but Bill Gates never gave me $50K)

  • Emeri Gent [Em]

    D is for DOS. B is for Bonehead (selling DOS for $50K to Steve Ballmer). my interpretation for Bill Gates formula for success is to find B and keep Duplicating D ...

    e.g.,Gates Infamous Deal with IBM

  • Callin Ryan

    So you're saying if Bill Gates had been popular in college or high school he would not have been a success?