The Sustainable Cola Wars March On With Coke's "Commitment 2020" Plan

coke versus pepsiThe green cola wars began in March, when both Pepsi and Coke made good on their plans to remove toxic hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) from their vending machines. Now the wars continue as Coke attempts to best Pepsi in overall sustainability with its "Commitment 2020" plan, which outlines the company's Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) goals.

Among Coke's goals for the next 11 years: a carbon footprint reduction of 15% (from a 2007 baseline), minimizing water use, recovering 100% of packaging, and increasing overall recycling. Admirable goals, to be sure, but how do they measure up to Pepsi? Not too well, as it turns out. Pepsi has promised to cut water use by 20% (compared to Coke's ambiguous pledge to minimize water), slash electricity by 25%, and cut fuel use by 25%. The beverage company also gets 100% of its power from renewable sources.

Both Coke and Pepsi might be outdone by Wal-Mart's sustainability index, which has the potential to rock the supply chains of tens of thousands of suppliers. If that happens, the sustainable cola wars might end simply because so many other companies will have either surpassed or met Coke and Pepsi's goals.

[Via Greentech Media]

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  • Michael Brown

    Why don't they just buy their way out with carbon credits? That's what the luxury yachting industry is doing.

  • Freddy Nager

    I wonder if they could claim that all the carbonation in their bottles was harvested from excess CO2 in the atmosphere? Reduce global warming: drink a cola... and don't burp.

  • Emeri Gent [Em]

    If folklore speaks of tales where Pepsi execs will not remain in a room with a Coke product or vice versa then that tells me that it is possible for them to become as sacred about the green stuff as they are about the brown stuff.

    e.g.,Brown and Green