Nissan Developing EV That Charges Like an Electric Toothbrush

Nissan EVNissan is working on a plug-in electric vehicle for release next year, but the car company might differentiate itself from competitors by releasing plug-free EVs down the line. By using the same magnetic induction technology used in electric toothbrushes and transformers, Nissan has developed a system that could charge EVs without the need for wires or plugs.

Inductive charging technology works with conductive coils that transmit power over short distances. If used on a large scale, EVs outfitted with inductive charging systems could be charged in EZ Pass-like highway lanes, effectively eliminating the need for a plug-in charging station highway infrastructure.

Nissan has a long drive before inductively charged EVs become a reality. Nissan doesn't know how much wireless highway charging would cost, how fast a battery could be recharged, or even how long a lane would have to be. And Nissan clearly isn't going all-in on inductive—the company has invested in EV plug-in charging highway corridors across the United States. Anyway, without gas (or plug-in charging) stations, where will we stop for the bathroom on long roadtrips?

[Via Green Car Congress]

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