Mercedes-Benz Reveals All-Electric Gullwinged Supercar

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Mercedes-Benz isn't about to be outdone by Tesla, even if parent company Daimler owns a share of the startup. No, the luxury car company is releasing its own all-electric high-end vehicle--the SLS AMG electric. The gasoline-powered SLS AMG, described by The New York Times Wheels Blog as an "exotic gull-wing supercar," is still a prototype. But that hasn't stopped Mercedes from planning an electric version of the $250,000 two-door coupe.

The gas-powered SLS has a 563-horsepower, 6.3 liter V8 engine that can reach 200 mph. In comparison, the electric model will have four electric motors near the wheels that have a total output of 526 hp and a liquid-cooled lithium ion battery pack provided by Evonik industries. No word yet on whether the electric car can reach 200 mph like the gas-powered version, but the SLS will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds.

Tesla already has a head start with its Roadster and upcoming Model S--the Mercedes SLS won't likely be released until 2015. Stay tuned for more information about the SLS when Mercedes unveils it at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

[Via Autoblog]

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