Stunt Driving Meets Typography, in a Font Using Skid Marks

Using specially designed motion-capture technology, an ad agency created unusual free tie-in for Toyota's new car.

iQ font

Toyota wanted a clever promo giveaway related to its new, ultra compact car, the iQ. Happiness-Brussels, an ad agency, responded with an ingenious solution: Why not a font, drawn using the car's own tires?

To pull it off, the agency hired the graphic designers Pleaseletmedesign, stunt driver Stef Van Campenhoudt, a interactive designer Zach Lieberman. The latter created a program to track the motion of the car's skid; the designers told the driver exactly what sort of skids they'd need, to create strokes from which they could build an entire font. The made the end result--the surprisingly elegant iQ font--available as a free download (though the link appears to be broken right now).

The agency posted pictures of the process here, and produced a video as well:

[Via Creative Review]

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  • Freddy Nager

    What a killer creative idea! The video is painful to watch (or, more exactly, listen to -- which droid created that soundtrack?). Now how about a font based on Beyonce's moves? That would be a much more user-friendly video...