Stunt Driving Meets Typography, in a Font Using Skid Marks

Using specially designed motion-capture technology, an ad agency created unusual free tie-in for Toyota's new car.

iQ font

Toyota wanted a clever promo giveaway related to its new, ultra compact car, the iQ. Happiness-Brussels, an ad agency, responded with an ingenious solution: Why not a font, drawn using the car's own tires?

To pull it off, the agency hired the graphic designers Pleaseletmedesign, stunt driver Stef Van Campenhoudt, a interactive designer Zach Lieberman. The latter created a program to track the motion of the car's skid; the designers told the driver exactly what sort of skids they'd need, to create strokes from which they could build an entire font. The made the end result—the surprisingly elegant iQ font—available as a free download (though the link appears to be broken right now).

The agency posted pictures of the process here, and produced a video as well:

[Via Creative Review]

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  • Freddy Nager

    What a killer creative idea! The video is painful to watch (or, more exactly, listen to -- which droid created that soundtrack?). Now how about a font based on Beyonce's moves? That would be a much more user-friendly video...